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EOS in the UN Global Compact: Taking corporate responsibility to the next level.

Joining the UN Global Compact is helping EOS to devise a strategy for its corporate social responsibility. How can the goals of the initiative be applied to your own business?
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From analytics to security tools: The tech highlights of the EOS Group.

Year after year, EOS invests in new technological trends. Four examples show how EOS clients, and consumers, can now benefit from these technologies.
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Interview: “The secured receivables market is all about relationships”

EOS has greatly expanded its expertise in the processing of non-performing secured loans in recent years. Experts from two EOS countries share their experiences and provide insights into two very different markets.
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New CEO Marwin Ramcke: “We are going to set new benchmarks in the financial industry.”

Marwin Ramcke leads the EOS Group as new CEO. In this interview he reveals his plans for the future and discusses the challenges he sees managers facing today.
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Secured Debts: What can go wrong with property deals.

Missing walls, no power, illegally built: anyone purchasing debts secured against property in Eastern Europe needs to check every deal thoroughly first.
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How banks’ non-performing loans quota influences lending practice.

Tight credit terms with one bank, relaxed terms with another? Non-performing loan volumes in financial institutions provide an explanation for this.
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