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Recovery service from EOS Solutions UK Plc reduces incidences of bad debt

EOS Solutions UK Plc is an expert in intervention, recovery and realization

As recovery service experts we know your dilemma when a lease or loan payment is not made: while feeling the need to increase pressure on your defaulting customer, you want to protect your customer relationship. You would like them to pay soon and want to communicate your message appropriately. Whenever written reminders or phone calls do not work, the recovery and realization of movable goods can function as a last, but effective, resort. EOS Solutions UK Plc can take over handling this task for you.

Our specially trained field service contacts your defaulting customers personally. They visit the customer to sound out ways of getting payments going again so that the contract does not need to be terminated. Throughout the process the main priority of our recovery service is always to maintain your business relationship.

Recovery service from EOS: the full package for your convenience

We provide recovery services to catch up with defaults in payment and to recover and realize movable goods either individually or combined with other debt collection services. You benefit from our full range of services and the expertise of the nationally and internationally active EOS Group.

Your benefits:

  • Quick reaction to payment problems
  • Immediate reflux of funds
  • Avoidance of terminations to agreements
  • Fast recovery and realization of your security collateral
  • Further debt collection services on request
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