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Debt collection with head and heart

EOS Solutions UK Plc manages your unpaid bills

Whenever your customers do not pay on time, your liquidity is at risk and debt collection becomes mandatory: shortfalls in payment are one of the most frequent causes of insolvencies and can jeopardize a company’s cash flow, regardless of how large or small the company in question is.

That is why professional debt collection is a highly significant activity. EOS Solutions UK Plc was founded in 2006 when Logic Group Plc was integrated under the EOS brand as part of the Group’s continuing internationalization strategy. It has many years of experience and sector-specific expertise in the area of debt collection in the UK. In addition to our local expertise you will profit from the international network of the EOS Group.

With our help, your incoming payments will be safeguarded so you can concentrate on your core business. Our experts are here to help you recover your receivables from private (B2C) as well as from commercial (B2B) customers.

Trust our experts in debt collection

During the debt collection process we contact your defaulting customers by means of written reminders, by phone, or by direct person-to-person conversations. In addition to those traditional methods, we use modern receivables management tools such as reminders by e-mail.

Our main aim is to secure the payment of your outstanding receivables. However, we are very aware of the importance of preserving existing business relationships. Our objective is therefore to recover the receivable without compromising the relationship between you and your customer.

We treat your customers kindly and personally, always keeping in mind their individual situations. We carefully try to re-establish contact with your customers to talk to them and find mutual solutions that benefit your liquidity while taking into account what your customer is able to pay.

Debt collection from EOS Solutions UK Plc – your benefits:

  • You gain flexibility: you can look after your core competences and put your trust in the experience of our qualified employees.
  • You benefit from our professionalism: EOS receivables management uses highly effective, specialized software solutions.
  • You secure competitive advantages: with EOS Solutions UK Plc’s debt collection service you improve your cash flow and reach your goals faster.
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