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The management of EOS Solutions UK Plc

Committed to the Company’s well-being and success

The management of EOS Solutions UK Plc is composed of a Management Team.

Stuart Knock, Chief Executive Officer

Stuart Knock, Chief Executive Officer of EOS Solutions UK, was appointed to the role in March 2010. From August 2008, he was Managing Director of Sales and spokesperson of EOS Solutions UK Plc. Before, he had been responsible for the Receivables division, which had consumer debt collection as its core offering.

Stuart joined the Company in March 2003 and has a wealth of experience in major account relationships, consumer sales in both the outsourcing and debt collection environments.

Stuart has over 20 years experience in the collection industry, having spent the first 13 years of his career working through various divisions and roles for what was then NatWest Bank. Since leaving the bank Stuart has undertaken both major account management and sales roles with two debt collection agencies.

Anthony Jenks, Director of Finance

Anthony Jenks, Director of Finance of EOS Solutions UK Plc joined the Company in 2004.

Following his graduation from the University of Birmingham with a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Accounting, he has gained experience working for a number of major international companies.

These include Ernst & Young where he was in the Audit division working for a range of UK and US listed clients; for Celestica, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, as Europe North Chief Accountant with specific responsibilities for audit, tax, external reporting, balance sheet integrity, accounting processes and treasury. Anthony was also SAP Project team leader for Europe North Finance with responsibility for all stages of a major ERP implementation project.

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